Who we are

ATWEBPAGES.COM is offered as a service domain to the wide audience of the World Wide Web to create free subdomains for their web projects and sites. The contents hosted on these free subdomains is the sole responsibility of their creators. The creator agrees to indemnify and hold harmless AttractSoft GmbH, its employees and directors, on demand, against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, costs, expenses or damages (including reasonable legal fees) arising directly or indirectly from any third party claim from breach of intellectual property rights.

For the avoidance of doubt, AttractSoft shall not be liable for any indirect, incidental, special, punitive, exemplary or consequential damages of any kind arising out of your use of the domain service. In no event will AttractSoft GmbH be liable for direct or indirect lost profits, any loss of revenue or any compensation for anticipated sales or for any costs, expenses, expenditures or other commitments made in reliance upon or otherwise in connection with the use of the domain service.

Our company provides legitimate web hosting services and has a zero tolerance policy towards abuse activities on the internet or violation of intellectual property right.

In the event of a copyright infringement or any abuse issue, please do not hesitate to report it to abuse [at] supportindeed.com .